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December 18, 2003

Ode to iTunes


iTunes, you are incredible, I love you.

Even though I have only known you 24 hours, I am ready to get married. You have successfully broken through all of my complicated emotional barriers, straight through to my heart.

Sorry Dahlia.

But you understand, this is something special;

-Music on my work and home pc, and another computer if I need it
-Burn a mix CD with a click
-Rip a CD with a click
-Instant song previews with a double-click-before-you-buy
-All integrated into a sexy, svelte interface, looking so fine


iTunes, will you be mine?


wow, that is quite a blow to my ego. losing out to a computer program. but then again, i am dating a computer guy afterall. i should have seen it coming.

Let's not calling it "losing out"... You are almost as good, really!

Except when it comes to selectable bit-rate for encoding...

But maybe we could work on that?

as an itunes lover/user for the past few years i say i have dibs on itunes. we are going to have a civil union ceremony... you should get your invite soon.

... and so begins the PC user's love affair with all things apple. Welcome to the brotherhood.