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December 3, 2003

Cat Toys

Can I have some comments from people in the know as to whether these DigiQ RC Cars make great cat toys or not? I am concerned they are either too fast or too slow, it is a precise science this balance between keeping the cat entertained and not immediately losing the vehicle under the couch.

See, my cat needs excercise, because she is enormous, and maybe 10 minutes of chasing a little RC car around the house would be good for her, while fun for me at the same time.

DigiQ Tank.gif
Actually the tank is a whole lot cooler then the plain cars, you can actually fire the turret from the controller, apparently. However it is more expensive.


Paris will especially enjoy that little turret-firing feature...

That would scare the crap out of my cat, unless you could get that annoying electronic "reeeee" noise to go away. Mine's a porker, too, and would benefit from some exercise. And I would like it b/c then I wouldn't have to move.

Aha! Scary noise! Yes, a concern! Hadn't thought of that. Maybe if the speed is adjustable, it makes less noise going slower? Will have to test out at Kidrobot soon to find out...

My cats ignored the similar Radio-Shack ZipZap car. It was to slow so they weren't interested. Try a laser pointer, most cats will chase the little red dot.

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