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December 17, 2003

Billiards for $$$

As it turned out there was $175 riding on last night's pool match.

I only found out at the last minute, when it was way too late to try and step up my game (I was losing very badly). I won't say who was doing the betting, but suffice it to say I felt initially sheepish for losing with this much cash on the line.

In retrospect, however, I just feel sorry for someone who would put that much dough on the line over an amateur pool game. Especially without discussing it with me first; I had just had a lesson last week and was having considerable difficulty incorporating new moves into my game. With that knowledge I think there may have been no bet.

Also it makes me a little uncomfortable because I am now automatically party to illegal gambling activities which I would prefer to know nothing about. That's really the main problem.

In other news, I am saving up for a Meucci red dot cue next Spring. I tried one out at Minnesota Fats last week and am hooked.