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December 3, 2003

8-Ball Deluxe

Wow, had the most fun beating a 6 tonight, played better pool than ever. The guy was really cocky, after he won the first game he made fun of a lucky shot I made during the second game...


Do not make fun of me while I am playing pool, I will chomp down on your butt and not let go. I proceeded to win 4 games in a row, much to cocky-man's surprise and dismay. I felt quite flattered as he became more and more disgusted after each of my shots, quite vociferously.

"How are you just a 5? I haven't shot like that all season, and I'm just a 6..."

That's it, bub, just the way to keep my adrenaline up so I can mop the floor with you. I won all 4 games with a total of 6 innings (turns at the table), whereas I usually need 5 or 6 turns per game. Boy that felt good. The best part was him glaring at me the whole time and making a huge fuss about "sandbagging" and "it's not fair" and "I bet you missed that shot on purpose..." There were a lot of spectators, too, even better.

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