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November 20, 2003

Rent Averages 11/03

Inspired somehow by this.

There are so many problems with my little study, it is not even funny, but still fun. For example I am limiting my data to searches on Craigslist for 1+ bedroom apartments in the $1,100 - $1,800 range, which no doubt is way too restrictive a price range to get a true idea of prices in those areas, but oh well.

Most of the ones listing for the "average" of about $1,600 are studio or "junior 1 bedroom" apartments. New York for ya.

Explanation for my selection of areas; currently I live in Park Slope, I would enjoy moving to the East Village, with SOHO a close second.


you know, while not the coolest or trendiest place to live, the apartment upstairs from me is renting for $1600, and while the bedroom is small, it has a decent size balcony as well, and best of all, a full size fridge!

this is really interesting - thanks for making the post - but what about trying to figure out the median value for rent (this is me being a stats nerd) so that the calculation kicks out the outliers? just a thought...

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the problem of course is expecting to live by yourself. you can do pretty well if you live with someone else. i pay $500/month in alphabet city (granted the room is just big enough for a full-size bed) in a pretty clean building with one roommate.

in praise of rent control: it's a three-bedroom, and the total rent is $1240. :) found through craig.

Interesting comment, Nevermind. So the spaces are not desirable then?

Also I should mention this is an ongoing study, so expect updates in 5-6 months.