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November 26, 2003

Guess Who's Going to Dinner

Welllllll, how do I put this...

I guess it is already explained pretty well here but my two cents are probably relevant as well (understatement of the week).

So I am going over to my girlfriend (of a relatively short time)'s parents' for Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow, and already Stacie at work is telling me to please shut up about "I'm freaking out" and "Argh!" and "Jesus Christ!" I have not even met the parents yet, and yet there I will be, encroaching on their holiday space.

A part of me is looking forward to hanging out with the family, I have heard much about Mom and Dad and Brother and feel like I know them and like them already. The other part of me is "freaking out" and saying "Argh!" and "Jesus Christ!"

Important Considerations;

A) What to wear to dinner? My original idea, consisting of a bathtowel and fedora, did not fly so well with test audiences. A balance of tasteful vs. casual, I think. It will have to be jeans, but nice dark ones and then this cool black collared shirt she has not seen yet- it has a "pre-wrinkled" look to save me the work of actually ironing it (just kidding, Mom, it is nice).

B) What to bring? Flowers. If there is one thing pretty much universal about Thanksgiving, it's that there is too much food lying about. I think flowers will be neat.

C) What to say? This is a tough one for me. I have often been reduced at social gatherings in the past to "Er," and "Yep, Nope," and I am always uncomfortable with myself when this happens. I have opinions and interesting facts and stories and jokes and things whizzing around in my head, I may as well share them (to a reasonable extent) with people I am sitting down to dinner with. But I can't control this or plan it in advance; as a friend told me recently, I need to just go with the flow, and that means relaxing, doing my own thing, being myself. As long as I am happy with my behavior, then all is good... Until the fight later with the girl about my ridiculously long-winded dinner-table diatribe on the mating habits of fruit-flies.

D) How ultimately to convince the parents I am a man worthy of their amazing Daughter, and not just some random dork?



"Jesus Christ!"

I am freaking out.

In the event this does go just horribly awry, it's okay, I have George Clooney on retainer.


don't worry - chances are you won't be able to get a word in edgewise should you even want to - between my aunt and the family friend, the conversation will pretty much be taken care of.

It seems like guys freaking out about going to their girlfriends' family houses for Thanksgiving is all the rage, but let's face it, meeting the family for the first time over a fraught holiday is ripe for incident. My advice: Chew with your mouth closed.

Just remember - you may not see your magic, but other people do. Love Bridget

please please plesae please pleasse plaaaaaase- blogs are supposed to be for posting pictures of tenements and food coloring in your eyes. never speak of personal issues again!

how did it go?