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November 14, 2003

Aruba Photos

Oh, and for those of you clamoring clamoring for some vacation photos, I didn't take very many since the point was to relax and not sightsee, but here are a few of the better phone pix to give you a rough idea;

Breakfast every morning looked like this...

Boat trip out to the private island, with gargantuan cruise ship in background...

These little monsters are the first things to greet you on the island. One of them even ventured out to my beach chair later and tried to have my toe for an after-dinner mint, but I stared him down and he decided he better not.

Snack, i.e. "overpriced beverage," bar in the background here on the island.

Some kids playing sandcastle.

Lounging on the deck during the one cloudy day. This photo really does not do the pool nor the scenery any sort of justice, it was all quite serene and beautiful from here, even while cloudy. But you get the idea.

And finally the requisite "accidental picture of my bag."

There, now is everyone satisfied?

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OK, no more clammoring. Lovely iguanas. Look like my old pet, Wart. It isn't only the feeding end you have to watch out for though, their best weapon is that whip tail which has tough hooked spikes that leave a nasty tail-burn when they are p.o.'d. Looks lovely and quiet and non-busy in Aruba. Several people have told me they go there for extreme R & R.