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November 6, 2003

7 Minutes

Quick, only 7 minutes left on my Internet pass to post and update from vacation-land!

Aruba is very... Sunny. Fortunately I came here to sit on the beach and do absolutely nothing else, because that is approximately the only activity available out here. Unless of course you are into gambling, there are about a billion casinos. But after cashing out my $1.80 in winnings at the cashier and feeling very sheepish about handing over 36 nickels, I don't think video poker is really my style.

Found a great restaurant right away the first night, the resort I am staying at is the nicest in sight, tomorrow I hit the "private" island since today I went and found sandals finally- they were actually cheap and are very nice.

Only 3 minutes left!

2 minutes!



We want pics of blue crystal water, plates of fresh seafood, secluded island beaches and waving palmtrees. At least some sand and a Dutch-person or two. You are about 1/16th Dutch you know, and Aruba is one of (the only?) Dutch outposts remaining.

well, you can go snorkling, or scuba diving - apparently there are some cool wreckages that you can check out if you go with a guide. when i was there, we went snorkling off a boat somewhere, but having huge turtles swimming next to me was kind of scary.