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October 17, 2003

Almost Jerry

I really wanted to see Jerry Orbach today while Law&Order was filming at my office. Unfortunately there were too many set people and extras playing interference, and I couldn't stay after work to catch him leaving. So I got a picture of his chair... And that other guy's chair, too.

The set people spent the last couple days painting and decorating the (normally drab) hospital hallways in my building to look like a children's hospital unit. It was really quite a amazing how different everything looked.

We checked to make sure these were not actual patient charts sitting out in the hallway, because that would not be HIPAA compliant. They were mostly filled with just blank pieces of paper, unrealistically only a few pages thick instead of the normal 100-or-so pages we keep for real patients.

This woman said her kids were being kept on the set until 8:30pm, which is way past the legal limit of 5pm for children. She said she was going to sue bigtime, and you heard it here first. Just kidding, she didn't say she was going to sue. She just seemed really proud of her kids being in "the business."

This guy was a PA, and a pretty nice fella. He told us about the episode being filmed, called "Compassion," which should air on November 19th.

There were all kinds of fake infrastructure set up, like these fake wall railings.

Coming to work I got a look at the cones set up to block parking for the incoming trailers and trucks loaded with gear. A bunch of people were p'o'ed their spaces were taken, but I don't drive so I didn't care.

This room was labeled "holding," and is where a bunch of actors/extras were hanging out most of the day waiting for shooting to start. I usually eat lunch right where they are sitting, but had to settle for my desk today.


Wow, the work they did was really impressive - I can't believe they'd do all that for one episode.

Yeah, I didn't even post the pictures of the entire hallway they wallpapered with animal pictures, nor the new nursing station they created, complete with plants and stationary and stuff.

Very nice moblogging-pics are clear and I recognize the spaces. Too bad you couldn't have hung around for the shoot, I might have been able to see you on TV 11/18.It is one of my favorite shows.

Brilliant! Even if you didn't get a picture of Jerry, I love that you got his chair. Thanks so much for posting about it.

I'm so jealous. I work in NYC and they sometimes film in the building next to the one I work in. If I wasn't so convinced that the PA's are sick of people gushing about how much they love the show, I'd gush to them myself.

Indeed, I was quite wary of bothering the PA we talked to, however some of my coworkers are somewhat more verbal, which is fortunate since the guy turned out to be very informative and willing to answer questions.

Is the new zoo painting permanent? Nice bonus if they leave the place prettier than when they arrived.

REally, I hope they leave the murals up. Although I wouldn't have minded a picture of Jerry, Jesse is the one I'd have been after!

Okay, the inside dope is that the mural you see is actually a big window that they wanted to cover up. This is actually in a completely unused wing of our hospital, and we don't have anything even vaguely resembling a children's unit on this campus. I found myself thinking, "aw, but it would be so nice now to have a children's unit that looked this sweet," but no such luck.