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October 30, 2003

Okay, Vacation!

This is to announce the fact I will be in ARUBA November 4th through the 10th!

I will be staying at the Renaissance Aruba Beach Resort! Swank!

A special thank you to Roberta for talking me into actually pressing the "purchase" button!

I Reeeeeeally need this vacation. I am very excited!

Ack - Vacation!?

The caption for this advertisement should read "..shark-infested lagoon..."

Now really, who is going to want to be seeing a shark while toodling lazily along on an inner tube?

I guess Paradise Island Atlantis is out- any other ideas where I should take my vacation?

October 26, 2003

Best Rockin Ever

Blur 1; Juliette Lewis in a bright yellow button-down body suit with her band.

White blur with blue blur on top; a small child riding Andrew W.K. in the most hard-core, rockin' out set ever witnessed. It's hard to tell but there is crowd surfing and vicious moshing going on in this photo as well.

Black and red blur; Joan Jett in spandex. Need I say more?

By the way, the venue, Warsaw in Brooklyn, takes the top spot on my list for rock venues in NYC. Clean, massive, with tables and actual food in back, very pleasant staff, great crowd control so you feel "safe." Just lovely. Can't wait to get back.

A little too Halloween-y


October 20, 2003

What do you think?

Untitled 10-18-2003b.mp3

Untitled 10-17-2003a.mp3

Untitled 10-12-2003a.mp3

Actually, I am interested in pursuing all of these ideas and am just fishing for compliments. Mostly I am just playing with new instruments in Cubase and Reason, also tweaking my Korg MS2000 a bit and getting some interesting sounds out of it.

Weekend Fun

Went to see some stand-up at the Beacon theatre with Dahlia last night. Pictured is Mitch Hedberg, whom I have wanted to see live since his first gig on Letterman some years ago when he totally killed with his oddly-inflected delivery. He was a little spaced out and/or drunk last night, but still managed to be very funny.

October 17, 2003

Almost Jerry

I really wanted to see Jerry Orbach today while Law&Order was filming at my office. Unfortunately there were too many set people and extras playing interference, and I couldn't stay after work to catch him leaving. So I got a picture of his chair... And that other guy's chair, too.

The set people spent the last couple days painting and decorating the (normally drab) hospital hallways in my building to look like a children's hospital unit. It was really quite a amazing how different everything looked.

We checked to make sure these were not actual patient charts sitting out in the hallway, because that would not be HIPAA compliant. They were mostly filled with just blank pieces of paper, unrealistically only a few pages thick instead of the normal 100-or-so pages we keep for real patients.

This woman said her kids were being kept on the set until 8:30pm, which is way past the legal limit of 5pm for children. She said she was going to sue bigtime, and you heard it here first. Just kidding, she didn't say she was going to sue. She just seemed really proud of her kids being in "the business."

This guy was a PA, and a pretty nice fella. He told us about the episode being filmed, called "Compassion," which should air on November 19th.

There were all kinds of fake infrastructure set up, like these fake wall railings.

Coming to work I got a look at the cones set up to block parking for the incoming trailers and trucks loaded with gear. A bunch of people were p'o'ed their spaces were taken, but I don't drive so I didn't care.

This room was labeled "holding," and is where a bunch of actors/extras were hanging out most of the day waiting for shooting to start. I usually eat lunch right where they are sitting, but had to settle for my desk today.

October 13, 2003


Tonight, Arctic Square practice is at Context in Williamsburg, time to dust off the trucker hat and fake, non-magnifying black-rimmed spectacles, it has been a while since I was in the area...

October 12, 2003

Piano Madness

New stuff, new stuff. I am feeling influenced by Andrew W.K., which is all right. Oh, it is just an intro...

Cat 10-10-2003

Well, that is one way to get some attention, just jump right up and get stuck in a tree on busy 7th Ave in Park Slope. I will have to try that sometime.

Art Contest 10-11-2003

These guys had a limited time to come up with black and white drawings which apparently were then voted on by a rather sparse crowd of 2 girls who looked like their girlfriends.

The guy on the right won, I think because he thought to include some booty, and even the actual word "booty," in his drawing... Wise...

Katzs Deli 10-12-2003

October 10, 2003


... the Outkast album at the top of my music listening page is the best thing I have ever heard with my ears.

Actually I haven't got past disc 1 yet; Andre 3000's "Love Below" is sooooooo good- impossibly funky, yet very funny and weird, not to mention exquisitely mixed and mastered.

Well, it is my opinion.

What is a grain table?

Rage Against Rave

Now with lots of added crap, but badly in need of quantizing and note-fixing. The end should have a kind of shrieking lead synth just overpowering everything, and some super-fast snare + cymbal action just to really round it out, but I will have to add that later.

It's actually pretty damn good.

Copyright; me again.

October 9, 2003


Kinda harsh, but I like it;

Rage Against Rave

Copyright; me.

October 7, 2003

Demo Cool

Watching this makes me exceedingly happy. Snazzy graphics + the funk + coded by a bunch of programmers just for the heck of it and not for $$$, that's a good combo.

Also this is okay, and a tad smaller if you don't feel like downloading a lot.

Only for you pc geeks out there- the Mac people are out of luck.

October 6, 2003

New Music Threedux

A little song
A little dance
A little seltzer
Down your pants.

October 1, 2003

Beverage Envy

That's right, worship my favorite all-time obscure beverage that I have actually consumed a long time ago;


A beverage so obscure and passe, a Google search returns only the one link to someone's can collection. The other search results seem to be droning on and on about some sort of cookies (...)

I think I was maybe 11 or 12 when I asked my Dad to purchase this beverage, whereupon I opened it, took one sip, said "Yuk! That's disgusting!" and fell madly in love. Oddly, I recall the actual beverage was transparent without coloring.