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September 29, 2003

Real Blog

Blah, I have to lug a synthesizer and a bunch of other crap to our practice space on Ludlow tonight. Not that I am complaining, but I am complaining. This had better pay off in like a Grammy or something.

It occurs to me I am a warez packrat. Like why do I have a cracked copy of Oracle 8? Also countless games I will never play. Sometimes I think the original binary sequence of these hacked copies, by groups such as Hybrid and Razor1911, will be worth something someday, so I keep them around. I think I am the only person with this belief.

Those new Apple laptops are looking pretty sweet, but I have not saved enough dough yet. Plus if I spend what I do have on a down payment, I don't get to go on vacation like I am planning in November. Of course I can't decide where to go anyway, so it doesn't matter. Puerto Rico? Fiji? Florida Keys? Blah, non-committalness. I need a vacation so bad, I can't even dredge up the energy to decide where to go on my vacation.