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September 3, 2003

Pool Update

Finally, today I am a 5. That's out of 7 possible. Considering a year ago I was still a 3, I am quite proud of this achievement.

To become a 6 I will have to practice at least once a week, don't know if that will happen considering I just feel so busy lately. A good 6 will run the table out once in a while, and I still can't do that... At least not on these big tables (tiny New Orleans bar tables not included!). Not that I am actually busy by any objective measure, but I just feel that way with band practice, pool league night, and trying desperately to actually practice some of the Jazz fundamentals stuff for my weekend lessons. Then there are the duties of trying to maintain an actual social network of friends, which is hard work as it turns out, I am not used to it. But it keeps me from retreating into a hermit-like shell and that is a good thing.

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Good thing there are ways to work on that social network and play pool at the same time! :D

About time -- congrats!!!