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September 22, 2003

Insane Gig Confirmed

Okay, this is crazy, and I am supposed to be working right now, but I just had to state;

Arctic Square will be performing October 23rd at Luna Lounge at 1am.

Are you ready for the insane part yet? New York indie-rock darlings The Wrens are on immediately before us.

You read that right; The Wrens are opening for Arctic Square!

Okay, okay... Trying to calm down... Let's think about it this way; actually the 1am slot is the "clear the room with the unknown band so we can close up" slot... Right? Please tell me I am right so the nervous heart palpitations do not actually kill me. I mean I do not even have a grip on the changes for half our live set yet...

Ohhh, the pressure...! This could be a nice boost for Arctic Square, but it is quite unexpected.

To Do List;
-Get copy of chord changes from Graham
-Make a bunch of copies of our demo to distribute at the gig
-Obtain a distortion pedal
-Practice until fingers are numb
-Collect enormous royalties for airplay...

Wait, I may've skipped a step there.

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