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August 18, 2003

Musica Prolifica

I want you to enjoy a rough cut from tonight's Arctic Square workout at Sam Thompson studios.

We were missing Erik the bass-man tonight but still managed to rough out 4 whole tracks. Here is the coolest of the lot;

Straight Line Curved Spine

Usual caveats.


well, I'm not really responding to this entry. I just thought I'd give ya a big "howyadoin" from Ketchikan, Alaska. Pretty cool day. Flew in a single prop plane into the Misty Fjords, landed in the water, and took a boat back into town. Seen Orca, Humpbacks, seals, bald eagles. Went up Mt. Robert in Juneau in a tram then hiked up the rest of the way.

funny how we connect with the rest of the world teejay, love from girdwood, ak

Hi Teej!

Don't think I'm ignoring you just because I haven't responded to your comments- keep it up! What are you doing the end of October? I will be in MN the last week, it looks like.