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August 6, 2003


Sam's current 8-ball league status;

Season record; 5-1
Skill Level; 4 (of 7)
Top Gun rank; 5 (of 30 players)

Neato. Hopefully my Skill Level and Top Gun rank will go up now I creamed Jamiyl, a 5, last night. Actually it was more of a knock-down, drag out marathon of a match, he was my toughest opponent yet.

One of the guys ahead of me in the Top Gun list is like a Norwegian national league champ, so he doesn't count. Then there's Paul, he's just too damn good, so he doesn't count either. Then there's my friend Rackham, who taught me everything I know, so maybe I will feel bad about stepping on him in my inevitable rise to the top like fresh cream. Finally there's Moishe, aka Mo, aka the quintessential pool-arch enemy.

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Considering my miserable performance last week, I'm sure you'll finish far ahead of me! :o