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July 29, 2003

Chomsky for Thought

Ooh, nice juicy Noam Chomsky interview here.

I enjoy most of Chomsky's stuff, but that interview is particularly tasty. I rely on this man to get me thinking, but his sly jabs at historical and contemporary political figures are probably the most fun.

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I've just read the last paragraph of the Noam interview and printed it out for better contemplation. I believed, in what were known as "the 60's" (actually 1968 thru 197X), that the collective mind of America was truly changing into a more global one (probably Clinton, an intuitive thinker if there ever was one, thought the same and that is why, in more recent times, Global Business seemed, to him,[note use of subjunctive case], like a good idea as well as a lucrative one). Those are words I'm not sure I should fling about anymore. What is "america" - is there a collective consciousness - there is certainly a public mood, not at all the same - public mood is the collective un-conscious. I will retire to the Black Dog to read my article and think about it. How do you like the Nabokovian paragraph? Of course, he could have done it in one sentence.