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July 10, 2003

Celeb Stalking

Amazingly, I spotted Dorothy of CatandGirl.com yesterday on the street while strolling about with Graham during a break in our Arctic Squaring...

Less surprisingly, I made a complete idiot of myself stopping her in front of oncoming traffic and insisting she identify herself...

Yay, it was her!


Oh no, did she die?

Yeah, thanks to me there is no more Cat and Girl. Actually I am just taking extra precautions to be more low-key if I see her on the street again, since the sighting was basically right in front of my house... Just have to think "avert eyes and think calming thoughts"!

I was excited to see John Turturro in the neighborhood a couple years back, but managed to keep it in my pants that time... There must be something about cartoonists...

Update: Dorothy says she is now carrying a wiffle bat around at all times!