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July 23, 2003

Baaaaaaaaad Film...

Jungle2Jungle.jpegWhat's the worst movie you have ever seen?

Right now I am thinking it's probably Jungle 2 Jungle.

I think you have to be in a special situation to actually go SEE a bad movie, because usually you know in advance if something like Battlefield Earth or From Justin to Kelly is just going to stink, so you just avoid it.

So, your date dragged you, there was nothing else playing and you just had to kill some time, you thought Booty Call was a documentary about the telephone system in a French colony in Africa, etc...

So far, J2J is the most excruciatingly hideous thing I have ever put up with (inside or arguably outside the theatre), and it was both a date and a killing-some-time thing, otherwise I woulda walked out. Tim Allen's indisputable vileness aside, something about the expression on that kid's face makes me want to drive a nail through it... with one of these...


Well, of course, anybody'd want to see someting with a character named Mimi-Siku (little sick-O?) - jeez Samu what were you thinking?

The worst movie I've ever seen in a theater is the aliens have taken my body movie, Fire in the Sky. It still gives me agita, it was so crappy.

My worst film of all time probably has to be Like Father Like Son, and since I thought this when I saw it at the age of 10, you know it must have been really bad. But in the theatre, I'd have to say A Walk In The Clouds. Which I only saw because a friend of mine was obsessed with Keanu and dragged me along.

Worst, oh so many ways!
Bad in the sense, the scenery fell down:
Now, Ed Wood, while famous and fascinating made really(repeat many times) really bad film. His earnestness is no excuse.
Bad pandering to a target audience:
There are the teen "beachblanket"movies and Bridget Bardot softcore of the 60's, untold earnest potboilers about freedom and being "real" in the 70's
and then there was Starwars in a class alone
(although Matrix panders, has some bad acting
and may very well just be made for the $$$$) While few agree with my opinion of ***wars as formulaiac, pseudo Jungian, pseudo fairytale, pseudo spiritual, jingoistic, big money orgies, opinion still stands. Yes, I know some children liked them -'nough said.

shut up you freaks!! this is one of the best movies ever. i think, no know you have no heart. even though i don't know you, i will probably hate you if i met you all.
you suck!

hoe dom zijn jullie hee. echt niet te verwoorden gewoon