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June 30, 2003

Why I Still Have an IT Job (v2.0)

m500 and my gigantic hand...The Effect:
During the course of polite conversation, the magician casually mentions he is able to view current [a certain NY area hospital's] patient information on his Palm m500 handheld unit from virtually anywhere in the continental United States, without the use of wires or cradles and without relying on the presence of an 802.11b wireless transmitter. An incredulous audience member naturally requests a demonstration, at which point the magician pulls out an m500, taps the "transfer data" button and, in less than 30 seconds, proves his point.

How It Works:
Thank you, Nokia 3650 phone! With your Bluetooth connectivity dealy-thing you have made this possible! I can keep you in my pocket and don't have to whip you out to do an IR connection! Communication is pretty swift, too, considering the path this data is currently taking;

From Palm unit... to phone via Bluetooth... to Cellular tower... to ISP dialup modem bank... Establishing TCP/IP over PPP connection to ISP... to parent hospital router over internet backbone... to downtown campus via T1... to server at secondary campus via partial T1 where a BTRIEVE query is finally performed... And back again! And that's like minimum, there is probably a lot more bouncing around in there somewhere.