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June 11, 2003

Science Projects

This is by far the coolest website I have browsed in a while.

I take that back, this is actually marginally cooler, due to the entertaining anecdote about the door being blown to pieces.

Update Again:
My favorite quote so far from that second page, a nonchalant;

"I obtained 2 litres of 98% analytical grade Sulfuric Acid, and 1.5 liter of 68% analytical grade Nitric Acid [...]"

This kid is nuts.


SO...what's it going to be? the Tesla Oscillator (my personal fav) or...

The oscillator is my favorite, too. Actually Tesla was all about oscillation, mechanical as well as electric, it is principles of oscillation and/or wave multiplication that are the core of virtually every one of his inventions and patents.

But the little mechanical box you can stick on a building and cause an earthquake with, yeah, that's my favorite.