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June 6, 2003

More Games

Count the sheep!My new favorite MAME game is Sexy Parodius, here is a pretty good description of it from mobygames.com;

"Konami's fourth entry in its Parodius series. As one of the members of Parodius Team, you must stop a lecherous octopus and his army from hoarding a huge treasure mound for their own no-good deeds. Featuring several classic Parodius cast members (including sexy bunny sisters Hikaru and Akane, Takosuke the Octopus, Koitsu the stickman), newcomers, and tons of classic Parodius scenes. Plus, there's a few "extra" surprises for those who love the trademark wackiness of the series.

This game was never released outside of Japan. A Sega Saturn version also exists. "

Never released outside Japan, yet I get to play it today on my pc! Where would I be without this sort of pleasure? "Lecherous octopus," wheee! This is also my favorite genre of game, that genre being a "shooter" where you just mindlessly shoot stuff with your little flying ship.

Disclaimer: Of course I actually own the Japanese arcade version of Sexy Parodius (having spent tens of thousands of dollars to have it shipped from Japan, then disassembled to fit up my apartment stairs, then reassembled to fully working order, only to stash it in the corner while I play the MAME version on my pc from the ROM which I dumped off the arcade machine using an exorbitantly expensive ROM-dumping rig which I also had to purchase), and am not committing any acts of "piracy" with this game-playing.