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June 3, 2003


Oh My God, will someone please explain this travesty?

Too bad I do not get The New Yorker, apparently there was an article about it in the February issue, the contents of which do not appear to be online.


First sighting. Odd. Seems to be flying saucer or custard pie attacking a group of women in the housewares department at Target ( where everything comes in 6 decorator colors) and they have broken quite a large plaster statue of a gladiator ("Cleanup in Aisle seven"). What's the story ?

The story is that what you are looking at is (or was?) Picasso's Guernica as rendered by Sophie Matisse. I am sure it is all fine and well, but ARE WE REALLY PAINTING OVER GUERNICA IN GARISH UGLY COLORS HOPING TO IMPROVE IT IN SOME WAY!?!?!?! I like some of her other work, mostly along the lines of "oh, wouldn't it be funny if the Mona Lisa stepped out for a minute and you could only see the background? Haha!", but I just don't understand what she is trying to accomplish with this particular injustice...