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June 10, 2003

How to B Cool, 4 Real

Shoes!  Reebok!  Reebok!Hey, if you are young and black, be like Mark Walker! Reebok hopes you are not paying as much attention to your schoolwork as you are paying to some radical-ass shoes! Make sure you play lots of basketball, because you won't need Reeboks if you are doing math or studying for final exams! Shiznit, foo! Reebok is coo', foo'! Buy some Reeboks, biznitch! It did not cost us $2 to make your $150 pair of sneakers, cracka'! Where you hear that wack-ass shiznit? See, Reebok be down with the street lingo, fo' real yo'! Reebok, foo'! Don't be a foo', yo, buy some shoes, dawg! Reebok! Dang, y'all!

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[unrelated] where the Jazzfest photos be, foo'? [/unrelated]