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June 19, 2003

Arctic Square - Igloo Rough Cut

Just for fun I am putting up an extremely preliminary mp3 clip of the song Igloo, from Arctic Square's practice session last night at Sam Thompson Studios Inc. (my apartment).

You can get it here (right-click and "Save Target As" to download).

This is our first experiment with software-based multitracking, so we were just trying to get levels and stuff right. The guitar and bass lines sound good, but the keyboard is way too "John Tesh" and not enough "Steve Nieve." Plus we are tweaking the drum track and after that will come the fun part, adding in various effects and such to give you that genuine Radiohead feel.


Not that I have anything against John Tesh personally, because it is just the opposite! See my earlier post if you don't believe me!

Wow, good stuff! I'm looking forward to hearing more of your music! :)