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May 21, 2003

Pool Night Again

Well, I am truly a different animal when it comes to pool lately, racking up another comeback win last night against the very sporting Dennis.

2 Strategies;

-When concentration starts to wane, force myself to look at the balls on the table and find a pocket for each one.

-Visualize what the actions and expression on the face of the other player will be after they have lost the match (new strategy).

The most fun last night, though, was beating Moishe (Mo) in a side match. A very good player, he is young so his cockiness is forgiven. But he has irked so many of my pool-playing friends, it was great to rattle him a bit. I had an 8-ball break (the first ever for me) our first game, so I was all "Oh, I thought that was it, like I won and that's all, right?" But Mo was having none of that and racked up the balls for another game. I should not have beaten him as I was playing like a wounded badger (badgers are notoriously not good at pool, due to their complete lack of interest in anything not related to vole hunting), but Mo choked on a couple shots due to the narrow pockets and I ran the last 3 balls to win.

"Okay, okay, bullshit, okay, that's not a win, you want to see a win? Okay, three games for $10, the first one to win three games, right? Okay? Here, I'm racking up the balls, you're going to break, right? You're not going to break?"

No thanks, Mo, quit while I'm ahead. You have a nice night now.

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I'm hypothesizing your 8-ball break was a gift from the River god for taking your lost bet in New Orleans like a gentleman and a champ. (wink) An argument could be made for skill, I suppose.