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May 15, 2003

Musical Chair

Typing on the blog and listening to X at the same time is difficult.

Alva from Sweden (Ja!) sings well for being 19... or just in general she sings well. We are having practice sessions at my place until she leaves town in a couple weeks. I mentioned I have a hard time doing things I'm not good at- i.e. accompaniment of a singer. It makes me want to just quit, not because I don't want to learn how to do it, but because I won't have to bear the indignity of my own incompetence. "Well how else are you going to learn?" Yep, I know, Alva.

Practice with Arctic Square hit the spot last night. I don't have the tunes comitted to memory and they are not written out, so I usually end up playing by ear. A couple times we started a tune and I thought "damn, this is a cool song, where do I recognize it from," because occasionally we goof around on Beatles covers and such. But last night about halfway through 2 songs I realized I recognized them from previous practices; they're written by Graham and Eric. This is a good sign, these tunes are great. Unfortunately Terry the Drummer wants to leave town in the fall before our "CMJ Marathon" gig (prolly at The Knitting Factory or CBGB's in October), which blows.

My favorite listening right now, to the near exclusion of all else, is Elliott Smith's Figure 8. His writing is complex and singable at the same time, also dark and depressing if you listen too close... Anyway I am pretty spoiled on his stuff at the moment. There is some irony in that this is the only album I own which is "el-stolen."0