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May 30, 2003

Dream .01

This morning's waking/in-between/trying to get out of bed dream;

I am walking the wrong way backwards through a darkened museum of unusual artifacts, I pass the cafe, it is closed. I come across one (1) rather large (but not unusually large) feline type-specification animal, it is a shorter-hair model, black backed and white bellied, built strong and big-boned, alive and well. It receives a pat on the head from me and acknowledges with a pleasant expression.

"You have to put the money in the box," a small child of indeterminate gender speaks to my right ear, "Then pick a salad vegetable and she will say it."

Then it is just me and the cat, and I notice the box hanging on the wall with a large slot like a mailbox. So I put my nickel in the box and write my word on a slip of paper;


I am deliberately trying to be different by not picking "L-E-T-T-U-C-E" or "C-A-R-R-O-T", but at the same time I hope the word is not too difficult as I have never heard a cat say anything in English. Surprisingly she jumps into the mailbox and pokes her head out before slowly opening her mouth. I just have time to feel sorry for the dear obedient thing when I hear this;


Clearly I have chosen a salad vegetable too difficult for her. I understand she may just be worn out from a long run as an exhibit in this museum, and besides I get the general idea of the thing. I move on to look at some interesting stamps which seem to be alive.

The moral of this dream; Just play along and choose a recognizeable vegetable for the goddamned talking cat exhibit.

1 Comment

1. Those "Remember personal info" radio buttons don't have labels until I click in them. Weird.

2. Zuccini is only three syllables. My Cat can pronounce many more syllables than that, flawlessly. ;)

3. At least you didn't choose asparagus, or god forbid brussel sprouts. Blech!