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May 28, 2003

Bloggy Google Again!

This article at The Register about blogs being removed from the Google main index has me riled.

Just when I get my own site on the internet, Google is going to make it impossible to find me?

I have no problem with the following statements;

1- "Blogs are irritating and pretentious"
2- "Generally speaking, the people who write blogs are irritating and pretentious"
3- "Blogs contain no useful information"

I do have a problem with this statement;

"Blogs should be removed from search engines."

What kind of a web search is it when pages are arbitrarily removed from the result set? Gee, I don't feel like looking at Buffy the Vampire Slayer websites, should they be removed from Google? I don't really care for Country music, can we please ignore all references to it by default when I do a web search?

Solution; rank blogs further down in the result set when there are other more robust resources available for a particular search term. You are telling me all those "Trackback" links make this impossible? Preposterous, I will not even dignify that claim (as noted in the Register article) with a response.

If your search algorithm is having a problem due to a lot of traffic on a few websites, the solution is not to ignore those websites as a "special case," the solution is to improve the algorithm. I would start by looking at handling the "general case" of "groups of websites with repetitive / recursive content." Return one result instead of all of them. There is your subroutine, now go try it out.

The Google end-user, on the other hand, should and indeed does have the means to ignore blogs in the interim; "...'and not blog.'" Done.