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April 1, 2003

The Janeane Thing...

JOkay, first let me say, J is a totally cool chick whom I respect as a friend and collaborator, and that will never change. We decided we would try this "dating" thing on for size, to see if it fit. It didn't, and that's where it lays, and we're both fine with that. Contrary to what has been in the press the last couple of days we were never engaged, neither of us is looking to have kids any time soon, and the Benz was a rental I borrowed for a few hours from a friend, not some kind of extravagant dowry.

So my agent Jerry warns me this morning, "I've already prepared a statement, it should be in circulation with the press by this afternoon, don't go and post some diatribe on your website- don't go all Mariah Carey on me, Sam. I've handled it, this will all just be good publicity in the end."

"Good publicity," that's what I hate about this business. I was having brunch with Gwyneth over at SL the other day (LOVE the "bar monkeys" btw!) and she was saying the exact same thing. It's all about just getting through the day without some ***hole reporter sticking a camera in your face and pelting you with personal questions and calling it "good publicity";

"NO, I HAVEN'T had a bowel movement today. It's all backed up in there, do you want to SEE!?!?!" And usually the answer is yes.

It's okay, though, Gwynny and one of the Wilson boys (Luke or Owen? I can't recall, they're so interchangeable these days!) and the rest of the usual gang and me are taking a major hiatus to this weekend at our favorite Cambodian spa...

Oop! Almost gave away our little hiding place- guess you were right, Jerry, it's easy to forget this is slightly less private than "real life"!

Anyways, J, I got off the topic but if you're reading this; best of luck to you in love and in life, you know I will always be there for you as a friend,

Peace, outtie.