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April 29, 2003

Swimming with the Fishies

Officially bonded with 1000 miles of middle-American river sludge last night, a dip in the Mississippi did the trick. A bar bet, the catalyst, not to mention newly acquired blonde maiden friends and the need to display a little machismo.

Actually the river was very nice, I quite enjoyed the swim, but how on earth did Tj sink the 8-ball on the break in the only game where my dignity was on the line? In fact there were no bets the entire evening until I insisted we "make it interesting" for that one game. In 2 years of league play in Brooklyn I have never witnessed an 8-ball break, and let me just add that this was perhaps the 4th or 5th time Tj had ever picked up a cue stick. The luck.

Breakfast at Cafe du Monde this morning. Sleep schedule way off at this point, average bedtime currently 4am.

Mmm, nappy time. 4 days of late nights has me looking over my shoulder for more responsible endeavors, like I should really be at work or am neglecting some important bills/dinner dates/phone calls. But hell with that, we haven't even been out to the festival grounds yet, or seen the zoo or garden district or Avery Island.

Pop left this morning, we all had dinner at Mona's Egyptian last night.



Never in 40 years of visiting N.O. have I gone for a swim like that. Be careful.


Sounds like you are really partying hard. Good boy. But, like your dad said, be careful. I want you in one piece when you come back. We all miss you and I'm glad you're having such a wonderful time (hopefully you'll remember some of it....)

See you soon,