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April 26, 2003

Requisite Debauchery

Truesdell James arrived from Minnesota yesterday, and I already suffer the hangover to prove it. About 2am this morning we made the decision to hit Bourbon street "just one more time," and I think that may've been the last straw (a straw sticking out of one of those big fat Hurricane(tm) slushy beverages, if you know what I am talking about).

Anyways, I have lots of nice pictures of the occasion which I can't wait to share, once they're developed and the little black bars are properly arranged to block various identities and such. I can't wait to see the one with me, Tj and the amusing little harlequin clown lady at that one bar.

In all seriousness, things are as swell as I thought they might be- we are even running into some of our trademark good luck, just minutes ago scoring a pair of 4th row center Dylan tickets for tonight.

Writing from the same internet cafe as last year. I think this time last year I was responding to email from Apenhorse from Nerve personals, ultimately sparking one of those go-nowhere internet dating exchanges. My fault, that one, I just chickened out before we actually went out. She seemed very nice, a high-level executive, older, looking for a "boy" with the looks of Dave Foley from News Radio. How charmingly odd that was.


Well, sounds like you're over doing it a little, huh? That's not allowed!! Remember you're going to need some of those brain cells sooner or later. So, your in LA and Ellen's in NV and I'm in NY. Somehow that doesn't seem fair.

Enjoy yourself. Have a drink for me. Make it a strong one too so I can join you in your hangover.


Can I see the pictures?