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April 9, 2003

Health Update

Unfortunately I have been diagnosed* with the SARS ailment.

This is worrying me less than you might think, since I overheard someone the other day saying how hundreds of thousands of people die of the plain old flu every year, so what is the big fat hairy deal with the SARS thing?

Anyways, an earlier entry has me staying home from work with a supposed hangover, now DO YOU THINK IT WAS A GOOD IDEA FOR ME TO SHARE MY BLOG ADDRESS WITH WORKMATES???

No, it was not a good idea, because now I am getting eyes rolling because I am actually sick and had to go home early today.

Anyways, what am I supposed to do, go to work and give everybody the SARS thing now?

Next week I am giving a substantial presentation to the Vice President of Information Systems of my glorious workplace, hopefully this will clear up by then.

Fortunately this illness is really giving me a chance to sharpen up my nose-blowing skills, so that is something good to come of it.

On a related note, the top of this can of Bush's Baked Beans is imprinted with the slogan, "Thick & Rich." How comforting.

Thank you, goodnight.

*Maybe it is just a bad cold, I should probably leave the diagnosing to people with the necessary tools and not my imaginary friend, Alf.