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March 30, 2003

Three Bitter Defeats


- My date *sucked*, as I was nervous and not able to have a completely intelligible conversation. This does happen occasionally and is quite frustrating, but... usually it means there is no real vibe between me and the other person in the first place, so at least I don't feel I missed any huge opportunity.

- Kim failed miserably and inexplicably to show up for our pool practice session (which is actually okay, because she seems like a cool gal anyway, so perhaps I will forgive her).

- Lunatarium was cancelled and we had to go to a club playing some of the worst industrial music on the face of this accursed globe, eventually forcing us to leave much earlier than we had planned.

Actually, this globe is not that accursed, but you see where I am at at the moment.

Salvageable portions of the day included chatting with Rackham and his main squeeze Kat before the bad music. They are some cool people, highly decent, pleasant and entertaining. We will likely find some good music to groove to sooner rather than later.

Ai, mama! Anyway I have to get to bed early for some free brunch type food tomorrow, can't be missing that, hopefully it will make up for an unlucky Saturday.


What's your stance on discussing blind dates on your site? Because my mind just works this way, my thought is that at some point, one of your dates will actually work out and at some point she'd be privy to your website. Then she'd see your thoughts. I debate about giving my website info to dudes, because then it's like a primer on me and I'm underprepared.

I guess another way to tackle it is not to reveal your website till you're married.

My stance is that I FRIGGIN' HATE THESE BLIND DATES!!! Jake D says he admires my tolerance for rejection, but is that enough to keep me going, I ask?

But seriously, I have given this issue some thought, and as long as you don't say anything creepy and/or stalky about your date (or reveal their name or picture publicly), it is fine to talk about them. They will forgive you later, if necessary (which it won't be, because blind dates unfailingly end in rejection anyway).

Also, it is a bad idea to share personal websites prior to any kind of blind date because you may build up false impressions or hopes, good or bad. It is like emailing back-and-forth incessantly prior to actually seeing the person face-to-face; the end result may very likely be disappointment.


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