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March 29, 2003

Three Anticipations

LunatariumTonight in all likelihood I will be attending Lunatarium with my friend Rackham from the pool league. Although I have not been before, it looks like a fine "rave-esque" type event which I may enjoy thoroughly.

Later this afternoon I am also having another of these blind dates from The Onion Personals, this time with funky_chick. So far in our correspondence we have mentioned the writings of Noam Chomsky and the music of Radiohead, so it should be a mix of high-brow and pop-culture rejection for the both of us.

Finally, I am fairly excited about a little pre-rave billiards practice tonight in the early evening with Kim, a Level 4 APA player who is headed for the championships in Las Vegas later this year. She is also a caterer by trade, so hopefully she is bringing some of the chocolate she said she was making this morning.

Too much socializing, you say? I didn't even tell you about the party...