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March 27, 2003

McMmm... McDelicious...

I am six pieces of finest Ambrosia!Witness the Pure Genius:

In case you cannot tell, that is the New All-White-Meat McDonald's McNugget you are McStaring at.

These Pale little Pollo Pieces are also the primary reason I moved to New York City, being that they are currently only available here and in Ohio. As my prior indiscretions in Ohio prevent me from returning there any time soon, NYC was the only option left.

P.S.; Thank you, reader, I was just going to say the same thing about how I should be writing McD's advertising copy...


The invention of the McNugget turned around McDonald's business. I wonder what the next big idea will be. I'm a huge huge huge fan of the McFlurry. I think the McFlurry machine is a thing of beauty.

Re the Ohio contremps - there ARE advantages to being a klutz - what are they again?