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March 26, 2003

Hair of the Dog

By some remarkable coincidence I have a hangover today, the very next morning after having one (1) Whiskey Sour at Park Slope Billiards during pool night.

Tuesday is APA pool league night, today is Wednesday, and I have just left the "I do not feel well" message for my boss. It's ok, she is cool like that.

I work here.

I won my match last night against Charles, 3 games to 0. Charles is actually pretty good and I felt sorry for him being so nervous while playing last night. That's usually my role. From experience I would say nerves can throw your game off about 80%, to the point where you just can't win.

My record this season is 2-4, which is crummy, but I'm playing much better the past 3 weeks or so since I learned to direct my nerves into the game rather than away from it. It helped that my friend Rackham gave me two pretty intense lessons in cue ball control using these weird target mats that you put on the table. Suddenly I felt like I understood why everyone was saying I "shoot too hard!", and I was able to immediately slow my stroke waaaay down. As a result I am making a lot more of those pretty shots where the ball just glides effortlessly down the table, and my aim is much better because the cue ball path is less distorted from me whacking it so hard.

Also, I have been playing a year now so it is about damn time I start playing better.