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March 31, 2003

Comic Review

Graphic blatantly used without permission!  Yay!Attended Tinkle last night, at the suggestion of the ever-informed Jen, and in short I had a great time, but let me say this to get it out of my system;


Actually I am mostly jealous of the hipsters, because I have not chosen to go bald and get some black-rimmed glasses with fake non-magnifying lenses in them and talk about nothing but the latest HBO mini-dramadies and I don't even get HBO.

Now for the review;

Emcees Jon Benjamin, David Cross and Todd Barry:
"These guys are funny!"
Usually you would think a trio of comic hosts would be stepping all over each other trying to carve out the one-liners and it would just be utter chaos. Not the case here. Jon and David seemed to have a natural back-and-forth going on, improvising little bits, most of which were actually funny and not just the kind of stultifying emcee material you might be used to. Todd was mostly quiet, in fact, throwing in the occasional cerebral one-liner in his calm, Garrison Keillor earthy monotone.

Jim Gaffigan (comic #1):
"Looks like Philip Seymour Hoffman!"
Most of the same material you will have already seen from him on Comedy Central, but Jim is clearly honing his self-deprecating stuff to a fine-tuned surgical instrument with which he will dissect you mercilessly, turning you into a pile of Snickers(tm).

Andy Blitz (comic #2):
"Casually attired!"
No website available for Andy, and that about sums it up. I think Andy's shtick was thrown off by Jon and David standing up onstage in frozen mannequin positions for the first 3 minutes of his set. He tried to turn his unease into useful material, but let's face it; that didn't work. Actually Andy seemed to have the most potential, not relying on super-rehearsed material but just trying stuff out as it came to him. The best comics will improvise like this, but Andy clearly had an off night.

Louis CK (comic #3):
"At least he has hair!"
Louis was good, I don't remember much of his set, but he was the most well-received by the audience, even getting away with a few towel-head jokes. Oh, wait, there was that whole thing about having to give blowjobs in Hell, that was pretty funny as well. Oh, and he stole his opening condom joke from Todd, just to mess with him.

Greg Proops (comic #4):
"Can you say 'fag' a couple-two-three more times, Greg?"
I knew it! Greg was the closer, and a good choice for it, but I knew from watching his watered-down-for-tv Comedy Central stuff that he is the type to fight the audience. At least three jokes bombed like hell due their politically incorrect nature, but Greg really seems to enjoy fending off the "boos," countering with some of the more alliterative and entertaining invective of the evening.

Yo La Tengo (musical guests):
"Dananananananananananananananana Batman! Tinkle!"
I heard a few whispers of "is that really Yo La Tengo?" from the audience, as maybe they were supposed to look more hip and bald and stuff, but their little musical bits were entertaining. I want to know what that funky little keyboard being played was, as it seemed super-tiny but super-funky at the same time.

Cute Blond Girl in the White Blouse in the Front Row (audience member):
"I bet you only like bald guys with black-rimmed glasses, huh?"
"Well, your loss!"

Vanessa (Sam's hair stylist):
"Prep the shears, I am on my way over!!!"


Aw, Sam, thanks for the props. I love your review and I'm totally linking to it on Gothamist. Some thoughts:

- Andy Blitz is a writer for "Conan" and he has done some funny skits with Conan, like when Andy was looking for an apartment and he and Conan went to check out apartments. Or when he got an apartment, Conan took him furniture shopping. He's pretty monotone and droll. He might have been trying out new stuff, as I've seen him before and it was hilarious. That's the charm of live entertainment, you never know it'll be good or okay or super sucky.
- Greg Proops can never say fag enough in my book.
- That's so cute that you noticed the cute girl in the front row, as I noticed no cute (to me) guys. It's a weird crowd.
- Self promotion is cool. We have to look out for each other, yo.

Did you know that you can click on YoLaTengo dispensers' heads and get another PEZ?